Gloria Jean Martin 1959-2021

Gloria Martin passed away suddenly at age 61 on April 2nd. Anyone who was lucky enough to make her acquaintance during her lifetime was blessed by her caring attitude and generous spirit. She devoted much of her life to being there for others, whether it be as a mom, helping someone through recovery, serving at church, lending her time to those affected by childhood cancer, or through her devotional writing.

Gloria found a lot of fulfillment when she was able to connect with family. She was a devoted sister to her two brothers John and Bob, and a loving mother to three kids: Kristin, Shobi, and Silas. Gloria cared deeply about raising her children and was happiest when she was able to spend time with them. Those who knew her are aware of her special devotion to ensure Silas was well taken care of during his battle with cancer.

She also found much joy in spending time with her two grandchildren, Alaina and Connor Kiest. Gloria treasured listening to them talk about how they were doing in school and seeing them perform in extracurricular activities. She especially enjoyed using her sewing talents to make things for her grandchildren that they could use in their everyday life. They will miss their time with her.

Beyond her family, Gloria was a lover of the arts and an incredibly creative soul. She was incredibly passionate about playing the piano and would often volunteer at the churches she attended by playing the keyboard during worship service. She also was an excellent seamstress who loved her sewing machine dearly and was always looking for ways to bless people through her sewing skills. She made and donated many masks at the beginning of the pandemic and has always used her skills to create accessories to help people.

Those who knew her also saw that she was a very talented writer. She wrote a book of devotional posts regarding her experience being the mom of a kid with cancer titled “I Cry In The Shower”, and used her writings through social media posts to bring many people comfort and inspiration.

Gloria ultimately found much comfort in her relationship with Christ. Spirituality was very important to her and she was very involved in the churches she attended and in growing herself spiritually. She would hope that the reflection on her life that her passing may cause would help bring others to reflect on their own relationship with Christ.

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