5 Ways to Help Children Grieve

5 ways to help children grieve

  1. Be there for the child. Listen when they need to talk, and hug them when they need comfort.
  2. Share fond memories about the loved one with the child, and encourage them to share their own memories.
  3. Encourage the child to draw a picture or write a letter to their loved one. These items could be placed in the casket or displayed during the cremation.
  4. Frame a picture of the loved one for the child or give the child another memento to remember their loved one by. (i.e. coins that were in their pocket, a
    favorite pin, etc.)
  5. Involve the child in the funeral. Let them read a poem or letter they have written, sing or play a song during the service, or even just attend the funeral with
    family and friends.
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