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How You Can Help Others Through Grief

How you can help others through grief

As a friend, you may find yourself comforting someone close to you through an experience like this. Victor Parachin, author of Grief Relief, offers some suggestions on how to comfort a grieving family member or friend during this difficult period.

  • Be available to help, even with everyday tasks. Offer to help take care of the pets or to pick up the kids from school.
  • Don’t judge what a grieving person may say. They are in pain and don’t always mean what they say. Allow them to express
    all their feelings.
  • Be sensitive and respectful. Don’t trivialize their pain or try to comfort them with cliches like “It was God’s will.”
  • Most of all – be patient. People who must suffer through a murder trial or other reminders of a death may ┬áneed more time to heal.

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