From an Ordinary Obituary to a Cherished Life Story

Writing an obituary has traditionally been more of a “factual” listing, trying to relate the “basics” about a person who has recently died.  Is there a better way to “relate” to those outside the family?  An written expression that still honors yet without risking the theft of ID in this day and age of excessive online sharing?

A Cherished Life Story is one that represents the “highlights” of a life lived well.  Often these highlights are the “best” parts that surviving family members can recall with a smile. Families find that using the Life Story format, can give more depth and character to the person who has died, going “Beyond the Ordinary” and the limited facts and special “dates” of a basic newspaper obituary.  All this while safeguarding the sensitively, personal information that is often used in many “security” requests within the family’s own online accounts. 

Has Your special someone already died?  Try to remember them telling you that special story from their childhood. (the favorite one they repeated over and over again)… What birth order were they in their family? How did they get along with their siblings, and what crazy antics did they do with their best friend?  Did they like school or preferred more a mischievous childhood?  Did they have a favorite subject or hobby?  As they got older,…were they a part of the Military or an adventurous sort? Did they spend time at a University or College or maybe were traveled around as part of a Rock Band?

Are those special people in your life still here?  Ask the questions NOW!  How did they meet their wife/husband?  Where is the most favorite place they have traveled to? A favorite book, the genre of music or lyrics of a song, a catchy poem or inspirational Bible verse?

We have developed a specific group of questions that can help you “remember” these great stories and fond memories.  It’s a free resource that can help you with the “basics” of a regular obituary and can go “beyond” by guiding you along to a Cherished Life Story. 

 Free Life Story Resource

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