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Funeral arrangements are one of the realities of life…and one of the most neglected areas of financial planning. Studies have shown that families who have not pre-planned, often spend more for the funeral event of a loved one.

Facing the reality of a death in the family and making plans on how to handle it can be one of the best restraints from an emotionally charged financial decision that will be made.

Do You Know the different types of prearrangement options available today ?

There are two legally distinct plans:

1. An Irrevocably Assigned Insurance-based plan and

2. A Trust plan

The key to the best, financially secure plan is that it is “irrevocably assigned” and tied to a specific funeral provider.  They in turn, guaranteed the plan and the majority of the funeral fees and future costs.  (Cash Advance items are not guaranteed, but can be put in as “allowances”).  Mostly, final expense plans are not irrevocably assigned and guarantee you nothing.

Basic life insurance that is not irrevocably assigned is considered an asset and can be subject to tax liabilities.  Money invested in Trust plans, are controlled by the Funeral Provider that owns the Trust and assignment.  This “ownership” allows that Funeral Provider access to the funds for certain allowable “fees”.  Should you decide to change your mind or funeral provider, there could be a loss to you.  This is one instance to be sure to read the fine print to make sure of what you are getting in your contract.

Money invested in insurance-based plans have YOU (the insured) retain the “ownership” and mobility of where and who provides the services, with guaranteed payouts.

There are many rules, regulations and licenses regarding funded PreArranged funerals.



Certified Pre-planning ConsultantCPC_logo-13-107x107

Jon A. Tanzyus, Funeral Director and Partner of Tanzyus-Logan Funeral Service and Care, is a Certified Pre-planning Consultant, and leads our Pre-planning Services staff to families.

A Certified Preplanning Consultant is one who belongs to a premier group of professionals, recognized nationally as those who exemplify the highest standards of excellence in service to families. These knowledgeable individuals are committed to providing ethical and caring, advance planning services.

Be sure to look for this designation when you choose to pre-plan.



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