The Value of Remembering


To remember a favorite time or place can bring us into that memory with a quiet smile.

One of our specialties is the gift of helping you put together those memories that have remained strong over time, in a final farewell that is fitting for your loved one.

  • With Photos and Videos:

Many of our favored memories lie within photo boxes.  Looking at those photos can carry us back to a time and place, re-living much of the same feelings and emotions as being there.  Whether you choose to add a few special photos to our one-of-a-kind photo service folders, or expand to a video showcasing a longer time-line of events including expanded family members and close friends,…. we have the staff and resources to help you “remember” well.

  • With Life Stories and Tributes:

Written Life Stories can embrace the fun times and recall with new wisdom how the rough years were endured.  Each remembered event, endearing a wave of heartfelt emotions that remain.  We can then incorporate these specialty stories ( Yours or Ours written with you) within our specialty Scrapbook styled photo service folders.  These folders go beyond “factual dates” and generic poems.  Each life portrayed in these custom specialty folders, include some of your favorite photos that span the life of your loved one, adding a needed depth to your “remembering”.

  • With Portraits, Home Decor, Keepsakes and Personalized Jewelry

What we have left after our loved one dies are usually just things.  But what if you could connect those more “special” things into a lasting keepsake memory?  We have many ways and many “other things” to offer you a conversion to those  “touchable” type of memories.

  • With Permanent Memorials:

If you have chosen a burial site, you will want to choose a final monument or marker that personally expresses your loved one.  After you have gone through the trouble of “remembering” the best parts of your lives together,….don’t short change it now by getting a generic, permanent stone (or bronze).  We can do simple designs, of course, but we also have the resources to use those much loved photos and favorite “things” and incorporate them into a final product that can give the outside world a peek into who your loved one was, as well.


The services you provided for Burt and our family was super… the brochures with the pictures of Burt’s life were artistically done and beautiful.  The 8″ x 10″ portrait, memory candle and bookmarks were a nice surprise.  The casket was even more beautiful than I imagined.  Your help was needed, and together we made a good choice. Thanks so much.

Valetta McConnell – Decatur

Thank you for helping us lay my dear mother to rest. You all did a wonderful job and made us feel at ease with everything.  You did a wonderful job on the bulletins as well.  You captured my mom to a tee!  Keep doing what you do best and I will always recommend you when someone else is in need of you.  Thank you sincerely.                                                                                                                                                                 Justin Dudley and Family- Decatur



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